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What is retained search?

Retained search is preferable in cases where a company has a pressing executive level need that requires a candidate who will hold key leadership responsibilities and whose services are integral to overall organizational success. Given the strategic importance of these positions, there is often a degree of urgency, and often confidentiality, that accompanies this type of search.

The retained search process uses set criteria in order to obtain the best candidates for any given role. To begin with, the recruitment company obtains a thorough understanding of the company they are recruiting for. This provides them not only with an idea of the type of company, but also with a better understanding of the job role involved. This means that the candidate will get a better idea of the role that is being offered.

The retained search is a highly intensive recruiting tool. It saves time for both the employer and the candidate.    A recruiting company that uses the retained search method only accepts a limited number of assignments in order to give each one full consideration.
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